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MI40 Program


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Product description

The MI40 system, developed by international weight lifting icon Ben Pakulski brings you Ben’s personal system to doubling your muscle gains, remodeling your “weak” parts and smashing every plateau, all while getting those abs you’ve always dreamed of. Over the course of 40 days you will be guided through an in-depth program that will give you next-level results.

Hey, 3 times the muscle demands 3 times the guarantee

Here's why:

I only want guys in the MI40 Posse who are willing to work their ASS OFF for a short period of time in the gym

Yeah, I said "work"" it's super-fast, and it's only 4 minutes on top of a set"but it's a challenging 4 minutes

And frankly, some guys are pussies

They want to get bigger by swallowing a "˜magic pill' and sitting on their ass all day

So, I actually WANT to give guys like that their money back"I don't want lazy-ass sheep around the MI40 lions

That's why I give you 60 full days on me to figure out if you have 4 minutes of kick-ass in you

If you don't, hey"I'll refund every cent of your measly $97 investment today without even giving you a hard time"

That's the first part of my Triple Guarantee

The second part is this: If you don't think this is the most incredible workout breakthrough EVER"as in EVER"then you DESERVE your cash back

Now, I can tell you not one person has ever taken me up on that part of my guarantee, but it's there just in case you're a unique case

Now, the 3rd part of my Triple Guarantee goes like this:

Even if you don't like the COLORS I used in the MI40 CEP Training System manuals"the fonts I use"the way I talk"you name it:

If for ANY REASON you don't feel as if this was the single best investment you've ever made in your self and your body

Hit me up by email through the support center, and bam: I'll hit you back with $97, zero questions asked, and I'll let you keep the killer bonuses I'm about to show you

Just because, when it's all said and done, my passion is all about helping guys like you achieve their dream body

How's that for a rock-solid guarantee?


Dating Secrets for Men to Attract the Relationship You Want.

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Product description

The dating knowledge presented within will give men of all walks of life, the opportunity to be with the woman of their dreams, no joke. Do not purchase this book if you are unwilling to devote yourself 110% to the methods being taught. There is a formula to success when it comes to dating. You must first obtain knowledge of proven techniques, simulate confidence until it becomes your reality, gain experience through practice, and fail multiple times. True mastery of yourself and dating only comes through the correction of your failures. 

This book is broken into two parts. Part One will provide the answers to your “how" questions. Part Two will provide the “why" to give you understanding that will stick in your mind for a lifetime. 

At our core before intellect grew with mankind, our energy vibrated on a primal level. These primal needs are ingrained permanently into all cultures, and is how women respond to men. They will never admit to this, but it can be proven over and over again. All women want to be protected, provided for, and thoroughly cherished. A woman will know within minutes if you are capable of providing for her primal needs. 

Are you ready to bring out the Alpha Male inside? Your eyes will be opened and a new future will be given to you after you read this book.

Come join our pack. 
James Pierce


Design Professional Multi Touch Screen Content in 1 Hour!

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Product description

Do you enjoy using your tablet? Did you ever wish you could create interactive presentations that were touch screen ready? Well now you can with this Beginners course to Touch Screen Content Design.

I will quickly familiarize you with Intuiface Composer and the powerful functionality it provides. You do NOT need to know code or have any prior knowledge in application design. You will be amazed at how fast you can begin to design your own creations.

Why would you want to learn this? 
There are so many industries that still struggle with presenting information in an organized and interactive manner to their end users. The opportunities to implement your designs in industries like retail, trade shows, constructions, real estate, and banking are simply endless.

Most agencies charge thousands of dollars for the exact same functionality you will be able to provide within just a few hours. Learn this for fun or make a career out of it, the choice is yours.

What is covered in this course?

Properly setup a project for the appropriate devices you will be targeting. Learn about the variety of asset types available to you with in the software. This includes: Working with image, background images, video, background video, documents, web browser component, simple text, buttons, asset groups, asset flows and more.

All of these components are used as we create a demo project with a real world application in mind. You will follow along with me from start to finish. Each lecture explains my process and gives you the confidence to do it on your own. After just a few hours of practice you will be able to develop new ideas on your own.

This course sets the foundation for more advanced materials and demo projects coming in the future.

Many people are unware how easy it is to begin creating professional touch screen presentations. Learn how now, and get in on one of the fast growing industries.

What are the requirements?

  • No previous knowledge is required but basic experience with Adobe Photoshop is useful.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop basic/advance content presentations using intuiface composer software.
  • Understand the main asset types and how to use them effectively.
  • Animate Asset Types
  • Create Dynamic Asset Flows using Excel Data Source

What is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for anyone interested in creating interactive touch screen presentations.